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The Zulfiqar sword is engraved with Arabic Calligraphy that translates to:

"There is no hero like Ali; There is no sword like Zulfiqar"

3 interesting facts about the Zulfiqar Sword
  1. Zulfiqar in Arabic translates to "Cleaver of spine" - It was the only sword at the time that had double edges
  2. It was gifted to Imam Ali by Prophet Muhammad (SWT)
  3. It is said the scripture engraved on the sword was being chanted by the angles during the battle of Ahud, Badr and Khandaq

Product Details

  • Made from 316L stainless steel
  • 18" curb chain included
  • Waterproof/Sweatproof
  • Color never fades - Lifetime warranty included
  • Unisex


Guaranteed to never fade, tarnish or lose its colour - this necklace is built to last and has a gorgeous natural black aesthetic.