Double Heart Necklace

Rs.1,399 Rs.2,500

The Double Heart Necklace is a high quality necklace that lets you show your love.  The two interlocking hearts represent the infinite bond formed by true love. 

  • Made of high quality Stainless Steel
  • Plated in Real Gold or Silver
  • Linked hearts are ½ inch (14mm) by ¾ inch (20mm)
  • Length is adjustable from 15 inches (38cm) to 17 inches (43cm)
  • Lobster claw clasp
Heart Jewelry History

For those of you whose significant others give chocolate-shaped hearts for Valentine’s Day, the thought is (literally) sweet. But, as we all know, these gifts would be more meaningful, read: desirable if they came in precious metals and colored gemstones.

While some of us have always had a passion for hearts, others have found them too demure and girlish. But proponents of antique jewelry have come to embrace this iconic motif when we see them in period pieces and learn their various meanings. 

They are the ideal gift to represent friendship, devotion, affection and  romantic and enduring love. There is just no way to be cynical about antique hearts, from padlocks to acrostic pieces in which the letter of the first gemstone spells out a term of endearment.

A short history…The creation of the heart shape to signify love was first reported at the end of the Middle Ages. It gained popularity in the 15th and 16th centuries and became widely used in jewelry design throughout subsequent centuries.

In the early 20th century, the story of the relationship between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson was told though jewelry and one of the first pieces given to Wallis by Edward was a Cartier heart charm, which opened to reveal a Blaise Pascal line as an inscription: “The Heart Has Its Reasons”. Not only did the King abdicate his throne for his true love, but  after they married and became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, she wrote a memoir with the famous line as the title.

Makes a great gift

The Double Heart Necklace makes a great gift for yourself or for your significant other. Pick out a color that fits your style, and show that your love has no bounds.