100 Language Crown Ring Two-in-one

Rs.1,499 Rs.1,699
  • Good Gift For Good Relation ❤️

    These are just a few ways of saying "I Love You" in different languages. However, there are times when just saying it isn't enough. Of course, it's important you say it, but did you know that you can have a cute way of showing it? - with a flash!  Use 100 languages to express your infinite love to your loved ones with our 100 Languages "I Love You" Ring.



    • Environmentally Friendly: Lead-free & nickel-free silver / rose gold
    • Features "I Love You" in 100 Languages engraved through nano microcarving.
    • You can see it through every standard camera/smartphone lens! Project the center heart in a black background with your camera flashlight to show your love.
    • We partnered with Subloom jewelry to bring you these wonderful rings at great prices.
    • The perfect gift! Treat your wife on your wedding anniversary, delight your mom on Mother's Day, make you girl's heart melt on Valentine's Day, surprise your daughter for Christmas, or give it as a gift to your best friend on her birthday!



      • This mesmerizing ring is the second best gift for the precious women in your life. Why only second? Yup! We know there is no better gift to your loved ones than you. 
      • The center stone is more than just a majestic piece of work. A closer look into it reveals the "I Love You" phrase in 100 languages. If you can't say it enough, show it in 100 ways! Streamlined and modern, this ring truly shines with bold simplicity lovingly intertwined by a graceful dance between sleek curves and dazzling gems.
      • Illuminate the ring with a light source as it casts "I love you" in 100 different languages  
    •  Features I Love You in 100Languagesengraved through nano micro carving.You can see it through every standardcamera/smartphone lens! Project the center heart at a black background with your camera flashlight to show your love.